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Online and traditional PR to gain
credible exposure in printed and
online media.

For many SMEs and non-profits, their first step to online PR is
simply a case of closing the gap from knowing to doing. You are
aware of the benefits of keeping your website and its news page
current, and know something of the value of blogs and social media.
You just need help doing it. 

Online and traditional PR can work together to reach all your
various audiences... so we use skills in writing great copy and
creating eye-catching images that will attract the right attention.
Our experience in press releases, blogs, social media, articles and
photography can take your news to the people you want to reach.
Always working with you closely, driving the campaign to ensure
your profile is sustained. Publicity is one thing; communicating well
takes that little bit extra.
If it’s planned and sustained, both online and traditional PR c
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